Cost Aviation

Aviation insight & Cost expertise

Cost House - the experts of cost-efficiency - and the Stuttgart Echterdingen Airport - widely recognized for their top service quality - make their best practices available to the airport industry:

Cost Aviation




With Cost Aviation, Airports and Airlines can:

  • Reduce their operating costs, while increasing service quality and safety
  • Manage their growth, by reducing capital expenditures and project implementation times

The proposed approach is threefold:

Airport simulation and benchmark to identify cost drivers

Identification of areas for improvement taking into account shareholders, public and social constraints


Secure implementation of the action plan, with concrete and measurable results

Cost Aviation's unblemished track record is based on unique, hands-on experience with key areas of airport operations:

Process & Organization

  • Improve "service level / labor costs" ratios by re-engineering and streamlining processes and organization.
  • Optimize processes to reduce delays and increase capacity.
  • Make organization leaner to minimize overheads.

Structure & management

  • Boost flexibility and team motivation with salary policies in accordance with local social constraints.
  • Restructure parts of airport areas to enhance profitability.

Investments & maintenance

  • Implement investment and/or maintenance projects at lower costs
  • Reduce project lead-times to meet market needs.




Areas of expertise




Our biggest pride is our clients' satisfaction. And nothing makes our clients happier than measurable succes:

  • up to 30% savings on operational costs
  • up to 25% lower investement costs
  • up to 40% reduction of leadtimes